Trail Blazer Adventuring Supply Depot

“Do you need to go into the wilderness for a few days? Or Do you just want to be ready in case of emergency? Either way i have what you need for your Adventuring Needs”

Owned by Hoss Alvear.

Camping Supplies


  • High Quality, Weather Resistant large back pack: 275 credits
  • High Quality, Weather Resistant Small back pack: 75 credits
  • High Quality, Large back pack: 125 credits
  • High Quality, Small back pack: 45 credits
  • High Impact Resistant 2 quart canteen: 2225 credits
  • 2 quart Aluminum Canteen: 35 credits
  • 2 quart Plastic Canteen: 25 credits
  • High Quality Duffle Bag: 75 credits
  • Knapsack: 75 credits

Sleeping Gear

  • Heavy Blanket: 25 credits
  • Light Blanket: 15 credits
  • Easy Setup, Weather Resistant 2 person tent: 550 credits
  • Easy Setup, Weather Resistant 10 Person Tent with extras: 10,000 credits
  • Heavy Bed Roll: 50 credits
  • Bed Roll: 30 credits


  • Instant Campfire Pit: 500 credits
  • Instant Chili Mix: 15 credits per 1 pound of mix
  • Instant Cowboy guitar player: 50 credits
“Unfortunately due to shipping issues I do not have any conventional hunting weapons or ammo for conventional weapons. Sorry for this inconvenience. Hopefully the Shipping Issue will be solved soon”


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