Mechana-Magic Motors TW and Conventional Vehicles

“Well hello there, So since your here im guessing you need a vehicle, well I have several options here, Including this Used BAWW-120 that the former owner only used once……(in an almost inaudible voice “to jump the Grand Canyon”) Or what about this Big Boss over here, It has survived through several Dune Runs and has survived in one piece (another inaudible voice “well mostly one piece”) Take your time looking, If you make a decision ill be in my Office over here….."

Mechana-Magic is the Home of a varity of Used, New and Junker Vehicles of both Normal and TW engines, The owner is a sleazy but honest Fingertooth Carpetbagger That goes by the name of DaKatan Saman. All purchases from Dakatan have a 5,000-12,000 mile warranty free of charge and for 10% more DaKatan will throw in a Life time Repair warranty^1.

Conventional Vehicles

  • BAWW-120 War Wagon; Color: White with brown Bottom. Extras: Standard Package. Cost: 2.7 Million credits.
  • Light Grey With purple Zebra Pattern Big Boss ATV 26,400 credits with out options for laser rifle, sun roof add an additional 3,600 credits. Condition: NEW
  • Tan Big Boss ATV with extras 25,230 credits. Condition: USED
  • Mountaineer ATV; Color: Dark Green Base with Light Green Patchs. Extras: Radio, Radar, Rail Gun, Nuclear Engine. Cost: 575,000 Credits
  • Mountaineer ATV; Color: Tan. Extras: Radio, Radar, Electric Engine. Cost: 78,000 Credits.

Technowizard Vehicles

  • Arzno TWV-2100 Hovercraft; Color: Red. Extras: Standard Basic Design, With TW Generator. Cost: 3.8 million Credits.
  • Arzno TWV-2000 ATV; Color: tan. Extras: Standard Package, With TW Generator. Cost: 3.7 million Credits.
  • Arzno TWV-2500 Dune Buggy; Color: Black. Extras: Standard Package, With TW Generator. Cost: 2.8 Million Credits.

More to Come

“Thank you for shopping at Mechana Magic Motors, If you didnt find anything that pleased your eyes, let me know so i can put it on my next order……”


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