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The New West…

The year is 109 PA, While the Coalition closes in on Tolkeen and Their federation of magic allies, the west is Mostly ignored by these megalithic powers of this Post Post Apocalyptic world. However we will delve into the mysteries of the New West, where the Holo-disks of the old world have struck deep into the hearts of those who live here, Where The western characters portrayed by John Wayne, and Clint Eastwood are idolized and thought to have been real people. Where the Lone Ranger stands as a reminder of the Way of the West.

Our particular journey takes us to the small town of Diggers Hope, Where Robert Grey a powerful Mega-Psychic of legendary status has decided to start for his retirement of saving the Megaverse, along side with Johnny Black, Tina Willows, and Daniel Hardroft. This small little Town near the Four corners of the Old US Empire is the center point of our travels this time around..

Diggers Hope….

With a Stable Population of 123 people, and a fluctuation population that usually peaks at 250. Diggers Hope is primarily a mining town, It does hold the honor of holding the Corporate headquarters of the Flesh and Oil, Horse stables. Diggers Hope also holds the Adventure of your Life Hunting Club……..But back to our trip, the main building of Diggers hope is Robert Greys’ Pyrite Dreams Saloon, where everyone can be found at sometime during the course of a day, with tales of the Megaverse and counseling to those who need it, of course for a small fee. Every now and then someone will make the mistake of either trying to rob the Saloon or starting a brawl in the saloon…….

This is when Robert steps forward and telekineticly throws the offending person out of the saloon and into the giant boulder that stands in the little round in front of the saloon…….

But once more we are distracted by the little things let us head over to the Black Mining Corporations Mining Office Also known as Silvertown


One of the Powers that be in the new west, Arzno resides about 100 miles south of Diggers Hopes. Due to the closeness of Diggers Hope Arzno has sent diplomats to Diggers Hope, to see if an alliance would help both sides. So far the diplomats have yet to arrive…….

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