Dust Devil General Store

The outside of this medium sized store has several coffins ranging from three feet tall to thirteen feet tall. The inside is a simple store with items for the everyday person to purchase.


h3. Food
  • Beef: 5 Credits per pound. 7 for cured beef(specialty cuts cost 5 extra credits per pound)
  • Chicken: 3 credits per pound 5 for cured Chicken.
  • Buffalo: 7 Credits per pound 9 for cured buffalo.
  • Corn: Always on Special Thanks to Slummer D, 2 credits per head
  • Flour: 2 credits per pound
  • Green Beans: 3 Credits per Pound.
  • Other Vegatables: 5-10 Credits per Pound
  • Beans: 3 credits per pound
  • Coffee: 10 credits per pound
h3. Kitchen Supplies
  • Cast Iron Dutch Oven: 50 Credits with 1 year warranty
  • Pots and Pans: 25-100 Credits Each with 1 year Warranty
  • Silverware: 5-25 Credits Per Item.
h3. Other stuff
  • Tobacco: 2-50 Credits per Pound (depends on Quality and breed)
  • Tobacco Pouch: 5-100 Credits (designs and quality of materials)
  • Pipes: 10-200 credits


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