Dusty Anvil

This medium sized building is the home of Daniel Hardroft the local blacksmith, and Avid Techno-wizard supplier.

Below is the list of Services available to the public

Armor Repair

Standard Armor
  • 10 credits for small repairs
  • 20 credits for major repairs
  • 50+ for near catastrophic aversion repair
Enhanced Armor (MDC)
  • 25 credits for patch-ups
  • 150 credits for medium repairs
  • 200 credits for major repairs
  • 500+ credits for near Catastrophic Aversion repairs
  • 1000 credits for restoring seals and life support systems
  • 3000 credits for restoring 1 HUD feature
  • 5000 credits for restoring 2+ HUD features.
  • 10,000 credits for rebuilding of armor
  • 400-700 credits for light customization (paint)
  • 5000-30000 credits for heavy customization (make it look different)


Enhanced Protection Armor
  • The Bandito 12,500 credits
    Three sets in Stock, 2 six foot versions, and 1 seven foot version
  • Branaghan Armor 50,000 Credits for both main armor and overcoat
    Four sets in stock, 1 six foot version and 3 seven foot versions
  • NG “Maverick” Riding Armor 14,000 Credits
    Twelve sets in stock ranging from four foot to eight feet versions.
  • MI “Vaqueros” Armor 40,000 credits
    Five sets in stock 1 four foot version 1 five foot version 1 six foot version and 2 seven foot versions
  • NG “Range Rider” Riding Armor 15,000 Credits
    Three sets ranging 1 four foot version, 1 five foot version and 1 six foot version

Techno-wizard Items

  • TW Reading Glasses 80,000 Credits
    Four in stock
  • TW Translator 55,000 credits
    Two in stock
  • TW Concealment Cloak 300,000 Credits
    One in stock
  • TW Jammer cost 80,000 credits, page 114 federation of magic
    four in stock
    one brand new 80k credits
    two slightly used 70k credits
    one “rode hard put away wet” 20k credits
  • TW Lightning Mace 60,000 credits, page 81 Arzno
    One in stock
  • TW-45 50,000 credits
    Two in stock
    One Brand New 50k Credits
    One near broken 5k credits
  • TW Spitfire revolver 65,000 credits
    Four in stock
    Two in Brand New Pristine condition 65k credits
    One in used condition 32k credits
    One in Broken condition 100 credits,
  • TW Hellfire Shotgun 75,000 credits
    Six in stock
    Three in brand new condition 75k Credits
    two in used condition 33k credits
    One in heavily used condition 15k credits
  • TW Eagle Eye Marksman Rifle 80,000 credits
    Three in stock
    Two in brand new condition 80k credits
    one in heavily used condition 20k credits

Techno-wizard recharging

  • Stormspire Clip recharge 3000
  • PPE batteries 1000


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